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About us

Our expert and experienced team with Kocaeli / Turkey is serving 10 years.


Turkey's wealth is a powerful bridge to share with the world. With a strong organization in the field of international trade, it supplies customers' requests quickly and smoothly. We manage effectively by bringing together the elements necessary for foreign trade such as transportation and insurance, thus providing excellent goods and services to our valued customers.

STFY is a respected brand in the field of international trade due to its flawless organizational structure. We are working with this brand to provide a perfect service to the whole world.



The team specializes in international trade and you have minimal problems with deliveries.

The STFY team effectively manages the elements of transport, supplier and customs clearance.

  • you will not have any problems in delivery times and you will receive delivery on time.

  • you will always get the best products.


The STFY team is loyal to its customers and team is always available.

  • We visit our customers visit their own country and gladly welcome in Turkey. We are pleased to show you our factories and products to our valued customers.

  • Our customers receive special attention.



  • The STFY team is available 24 hours a day.

  • We make fast and issueless deliveries.

  • We always sell good products.

  • STFY team has the structure to supply a different product you want.

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